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Exchanges of ideas for a strong and high added value proposals for EU funded R&D projects

benefits of membership

ECP4 is a non-profit organisation with legal personality. ECP4 brings experts together to identify R&D opportunities for
their members.

ECP4 members participate in the following activities:

  •  ECP4 brings innovation partners together to identify opportunities for collaborative Research and Development which yields industrial innovation to improve competitiveness in the global economy and meet societal and environmental challenges.

  •  ECP4 facilitates informal networking among innovation partners who frequently include SME companies, and makes use of the wide levels of scientific and engineering expertise to achieve objectives.

  •  ECP4 facilitates the access of the European plastics industry to EU Research programmes, thus enabling SMEs to innovate, gain competitiveness, and fulfill sustainable goals.

  •  ECP4 wishes to guide the European Commission on emerging opportunities in plastics and composites research and technology to increase competitiveness and meet societal challenges.

Types of members

ECP4 accepts the following type of organisations among its Members:

  • 1 Research organisations active in Europe: 

Research entities have possibilities to work on their deeper understanding of value creation by SMEs. Close contact with EU-level associations and regional clusters allow to focalise on specific innovation areas and long-term goals.

  • 2 Plastics converters, tooling manufacturers and compounders if not represented by clusters: 

SMEs (via local cluster organisations) can use the link of their cluster to capture new ideas from committed members. Access to European funds through collective identification of research opportunities. Informal networking and exploration of future scenarios by means of roadmapping events and innovation sessions.

  • 3 Regional cluster organisations and EU level industrial organisations of plastics converters: 

Regional clusters have direct access to top level polymer research institutes across Europe. Opportunities exist to connect with other regions and start collaborative funded research projects. Cluster organisations can also support their SME-members to have better access to EU funding. 

ECP4 invites various external stakeholders such as existing platforms and to take part in certain activities (such as roadmapping activities). ECP4 also interacts with the European Commission, with existing cluster collaboration initiatives, Public Private Partnerships and interested third parties.

do you want to become a member?

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