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ECP4 Annual Conference, 4 May 2023 in San Sebastián

ECP4 is glad to announce its forthcoming Annual Conference, which will take place in San Sebastián (Spain) on 4 May 2023. The event “Trends in polymers and composites circularity: from advanced materials to industrial applications” will be hosted by Cidetec, one of the Spanish leading organisations for applied research, which joined ECP4 in 2014 and is currently also a proud member of the Board of Directors.

The conference will focus on some pivotal topics for the plastics and composites industry, such as New Generation Materials and Sustainable options for End-of-Life. The event foresees several contributions from a very diverse range of organisations, such as EU-level associations, R&D centers, academia, industry as well as policymakers. The conference will offer a great opportunity to learn more about the current trends in the polymers and composites sector and the strenuous efforts toward the ultimate achievement of a fully circular economy, through the advancement of strategies aimed at incrementing reuse and recycling practices.

Learning and networking

The key element of the event is not only the dissemination of knowledge among the public but also the reinforcement of the synergies between industry and research, with the ultimate purpose of enhancing the “circular cooperation” in a framework of mutual support.

Participation in the event is free of charge and is open to every party interested in the circular mission in the polymers and composites sector from the interconnected perspectives of industry and research.

Secure your spot now!

The detailed agenda will be published soon.

What is ECP4?

ECP4 The European Composites, Plastics and Polymer Processing Platform is an industry-driven collaboration uniting the top-level European research institutions, regional plastic clusters, and EU-level industrial organisations of plastics and composites converters.

ECP4 facilitates informal networking among innovation partners. By making use of the different levels of expertise, it identifies opportunities for collaborative Research and Development efforts which yield industrial innovation. It, therefore, supports plastics and composites sectors in Europe to improve their competitiveness in the global economy.

Get in touch with the association's management to find out more about the group's activities.

Contact details

Federica Gallicchio

This event organised in media partnership with Aemac


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