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ECP4 at IndTech 2022: innovation, networking, and cross-industry cooperation

ECP4 has been one of the protagonists of the IndTech conference 2022, having contributed with its own village to the showcases that took place during the 2-day event on 28 and 29 June in Grenoble.

During the conference, industry executives, associations as well as public policymakers gave their contributions through presentations and lively panel discussions. The over 600 participants were also able to broaden the scope of their attendance by visiting pilot line platforms and by participating in 16 multi-sectoral parallel topic sessions and workshops, where they had a hands-on experience thanks to the showcase of the cutting-edge technologies developed by several forward-thinking enterprises.

Among the 80 speakers, some well-known representatives of EU institutions and national governments provided their input during the conference: Mariya Gabriel (European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth), Elvira Fortunato (Minister for Research of Portugal), Sylvie Retailleau (Minister for Higher Education and Research of France), Joanna Drake, (Deputy-Director General - R&I European Commission), Radka Vildova (Minister for Research of the Czech Republic). Also Mike Horn, a renowned South African-Swiss explorer, took part in the conference as a speaker.

Over the course of the 2-day event, 11 different villages (more than 100 exhibitors) hosted 3 showcase sessions at designated networking events. This was the main focus of ECP4’s attendance at the IndTech 2022, as it provided the members with the opportunity to raise awareness in regard to the developments of their projects.

Within the macro-category of plastics and composites, the 8 projects showcased in the ECP4 village covered a wide variety of applications, ranging from packaging to flooring and aeronautics. Both representatives of EU-level institutions and industry stakeholders showed great interest in the developments of the different projects and in the strenuous work carried out by ECP4 and its members aimed at boosting innovation and research.

The projects’ anticipated contribution to the EU Green Deal objectives and their pivotal role played in the context of the ultimate achievement of a fully circular economy were some of the main topics discussed during the VIP tours that included policymakers from the European Commission (Joanna Drake, Jurgen Tiedje and others) and many associations representing different actors along the plastics and composite value chain.

The showcased projects in the ECP4 village were Airpoxy, Cimpa, Cisuflo, Creator, Decoat, Laurelin, Merlin, and Remadyl. If you are interested in finding out more about the showcased projects and the overall ECP4 activities, do not hesitate to contact the association’s secretariat at


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