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ECP4 welcomes two new members in 2023

ECP4 is proud to announce the further expansion of its membership, welcoming two new organisations, Axel’One and Polymer Science Park, which have joined the association as of January 2023.

Axel’One is the French collaborative innovation platform specialised in Chemistry and Environment, created in 2011 and dedicated to smart processes and innovative materials. Located in Lyon, Axel’One’s main mission is to provide shared facilities, tools, and services for collaborative research and development projects.

Axel’One currently hosts around 20 SMEs and provides its services to 30 collaborative projects representing more than 250 people located on the platform. This diverse environment covers a wide range of applications, such as medical devices design and production, food and agriculture innovative development, green chemistry in cosmetics and pharmaceutics, circular economy in textile, building and transport sectors.

Axel’One’s R&D expertise is focused on 3 pillars, smart processes and the deployment of online analysis and digital solutions, catalysis and polymers transformation, which enables start-ups and larger companies to access to 35 M€ mutualized equipment targeted at each development step, from fundamental research (TRL 3) to the pre-industrial stage (TRL 7).

Polymer Science Park is a cluster for applied plastics technology and innovation. Its mission is to support to companies in developing sustainable and circular plastic products and technologies. The organisation aims to respond to the current challenges and developments within the plastics sector emphasising on specific topics such as Design for recycling, Design for circularity, Biopolymers, and Materials & Processing. In addition, Polymer Science Park contributes to innovation within the plastics industry in several ways, such as the supervision of joint innovation projects, ensuring knowledge transfer, and offering services such as testing facilities, consultancy and training.

Polymer Science Park supports the Transition Agenda of the Province of Overijssel. To boost the achievement of a circular plastics value chain, the Province has drawn up a transition agenda in collaboration with companies and other knowledge partners, including Polymer Science Park.

If you are interested in learning more about the ECP4 activities and its members, get in touch with the secretariat at


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