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The Faculty of Technology of the University of Novi Sad Joins ECP4

Another step towards strenghtening the collaboration in the plastic and composites sectors

ECP4 proudly announces the further expansion of its membership, welcoming its first organisation outside the European Union: The Faculty of Technology Novi Sad (FOTNS), a distinguished institution within the University of Novi Sad, joined the ECP4 activities as of January 2024.

Established in 1959, FOTNS has played a pivotal role as a leading scientific and educational institution specialising in technological engineering. The faculty encompasses a diverse range of disciplines, including pharmaceutical, food, chemical, oil, petrochemical, materials engineering, and biotechnology. FOTNS is renowned for its unique position in the region, uniting all facets of technological engineering under its roof, and fostering collaboration with industry leaders in the mentioned fields.

Novi Sad, the capital of the Northern Province of Vojvodina, stands as the most developed region in Serbia, boasting a thriving economy that includes agriculture, pharmaceuticals, bioethanol, and the burgeoning automotive industry. FOTNS, situated in this dynamic environment, is strategically aligned with the region's economic landscape and actively engages with leading enterprises to ensure the relevance and practicality of its academic programs.

In joining ECP4, FOTNS aims to further enhance its position as a hub for technological innovation and research. ECP4 is a pan-European association that brings together key players in the composites, plastics, and polymer processing industries, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. By becoming a member of ECP4, FOTNS gains access to a vibrant network of European expertise, research initiatives, and industry partnerships.

ECP4 and FOTNS see this collaboration as an opportunity to further foster the growth of the sector, leveraging the positive trends in Vojvodina's economy. ​ Through the extension of its scope, ECP4 is committed to playing a pivotal role in promoting innovation, driving economic development, and nurturing talent in the field of plastics and composites.

If you are interested in getting to know more about ECP4 activities and its members, get in touch with the association’s manager Federica Gallicchio at


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